We've made receiving bills and paying for your power simple

You'll receive your power bill weekly by email, and you can choose to pay via credit card or direct debit when you sign up.

Payments will be automatically sorted for you, so you don't have to remember to make payments or chase around bills that might have got lost in the mail. 

We find that weekly billing gives our customers the ability to have their power costs split over small manageable amounts. 

Through your My Account area you can access all of your past power bills along with clever graphs that show your power usage in comparison to trends in spot prices so that you can supercharge your savings by controlling when you use your power. 

If you need to change your billing details, you can also do this within your My Account area.

  • Billing Information

    • What are my payment options?

      In the interests of making things as simple as possible, you can pay by either credit card or direct debit. Please note, credit card payments do incur an additional 1% service charge which is added to your weekly bill.

      For more payment options or any questions, give us a call on 0800 Go Direct (0800 463 473).

    • How often will I receive my power bill?

      We send our power bills weekly. We're fans of weekly billing because it means you can receive smaller, more manageable bills based on your weekly power consumption and manage your usage if you see it starting to rise. We like that this puts you in control of how much you're spending with no big surprises.

      You'll receive a weekly email with the amount of your power bill and when it’ll be deducted so you can make sure you have the funds available. 

    • How will I receive my power bill?

      We’ll send your power bill weekly by email. That saves any hassle of it getting lost or delayed in the mail, and you’ll also be helping save our environment by reducing paper waste. If for some reason you are unable to receive your bill by email please call us on 0800 Go Direct (0800 463 473). You can also check out the My Account area for a record of all your previous bills.

    • What happens if I miss a payment?

      Don’t stress, if this is a one-off we won't hold it against you. We’ll send you a reminder email or text message to let you know about it and we'll then combine your missed payment and the next payment to come out together the following week.

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