Well isn't that exciting... you're on the move!


If you're new to Power Direct 

Moving house is the perfect time to switch power companies. A switch to Power Direct is a smart one, where you'll be able to start buying power direct at wholesale prices. 

Making the switch is fast and easy. 

On our application form please select 'Moving into this property', enter your move date and you’re sorted.



If you're already a Power Direct customer

If you’re already a Power Direct customer and you’re moving house, please contact us so we can arrange this for you and make sure we can supply your new address:

  • Phone: 0800 Go Direct (0800 463 473)

  • Email: info@powerdirect.co.nz

Easy as changing a lightbulb

It only takes you a few clicks to sign up online.
We take care of everything else.

Start the switch

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