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    • How can I update my contact details?

      It’s super easy to update your contact details with us. You can either head to your My Account area where you can change your preferred email, contact numbers, billing address and even your payment details yourself. Or if you would prefer to speak to a real person you can flick us a message through our live chat or give us a call on 0800 Go Direct (0800 463 473) and we will do this for you.

    • Where do I find my usage info?

      Head to your My Account area and view your usage as a graph on your dashboard.

    • Where can I find my bills?

      Head to your My Account area and click on ‘My Billing’ at the top where you can view all bills.

    • How can I change my password?

      Head to your My Account area and click on ‘My Details’. At the bottom of this page, you’ll see the option to ‘Change Password’.

    • How can I reset my password if I’ve forgotten it?

      Just give us a call on 0800 Go Direct or send us an email to info@powerdirect.co.nz and we’ll reset it for you.

    • What do I do if I have a complaint?

      If you’re unsatisfied with anything to do with our service please call us on 0800 Go Direct (0800 463 473) and we’ll do whatever we can to help. Hopefully, we can solve the problem over the phone, but failing that you can contact us in writing by sending your complaint to: Power Direct, Private Bag 13, Nelson 7042

      If we’re unable to find a solution between us, you have the right to take your complaint to Utilities Disputes, a free and independent service.

      Phone: 0800 22 33 40
      Website: utilitiesdisputes.co.nz
      Post: Utilities Disputes, Freepost 192682, PO Box 5875, Wellington, 6140

      You can also contact:

      • Citizens Advice Bureau
      • Community Law Centre
      • Ministry of Consumer Affairs
      • Your own lawyer
    • How can I save energy?

      There are many ways that you can save energy. Being energy efficient is all about making smart choices.

      • Turn appliances off at the wall when you’re not using them. This can save you more than $100 a year that you’re paying by leaving them in standby mode.
      • Switch to cold water cycles for laundry. A hot water wash can use 10 times more power than a cold wash.
      • Use the clothesline or drying rack instead of your clothes dryer, which costs about $1 per load.
      • Use energy efficient bulbs or turn lights off when you’re not using them. Each energy efficient bulb you use can save you up to $20 a year.
      • Close your curtains in the early evening and use draught stoppers to stop heat escaping.
      • Turn heaters or heat pumps off when you’re not using them.
      • Use your heated towel rail sparingly. Using it 24/7 can cost you $170 per year.
      • A beer fridge or second fridge can cost you $200 per year to run if it’s older or inefficient. Consider getting rid of it or turning it off unless you really need it. 
      • Reduce shower time – a 15 minute shower costs around $1. A family of four could be saving around $900 a year simply by taking shorter showers.

      Check out the EnergyWise calculator to see how much your appliances are costing you each year. 

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