25 July 2018

As you may have heard, here at Power Direct we have developed our very own mobile app to simplify wholesale pricing.

Today we want to show you exactly how you can use this to stay clear of price spikes!

Introducing high price notifications

As we know with wholesale pricing there will be the odd price spike, it’s just part of the spot priced game. But to help you avoid using large appliances during these times you have the option to receive notifications whenever the price is high.

To do this all you need to do is jump onto the app, click on the ‘My Account’ icon and tick “Send me important notifications’ in purple. Easy!


We will then send you out a notification whenever the price spikes. Just remember to have your notification settings turned on in your phone settings.

Forecast pricing

As well as the current price for power we have included pricing for the following 3 hours! This will help you decide whether you want to run the washing machine right now, or hold off for an hour or two.

All prices are split into simple colour coded categories: Low, Medium and High. So you can see at first glance exactly where the price is sitting. 


All pricing shown on our application is interim or forecast pricing which means that there is a certain amount of wiggle room. The majority of the time final pricing ends up being lower than the forecast. It’s very rare that the finalised price would end up being higher - so no real stress here!

Check out our previous blog "Our App" for a breakdown of all app features or download the Power Direct app now on the App Store or Google Play 

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