27 September 2018

It’s time to say hello to new standards in Power Retailing; it’s time to say hello to the Power Direct approach.


We believe that transparency is key in everything that we do and is essential to providing a fairer power deal. Which is why we’ve said goodbye to a few sneaky industry tricks:

No prompt Payment Discounts – For years Power companies have been increasing their rates just to cut them back as a “prompt payment discount”. When this is available to everyone who pays their bill on time is it really a discount? Or is that just the standard price for power and a touch of clever advertising…

Suppose you’re having a bad week and forget to pay the power bill on time – missing that prompt payment discount could see you sitting with what’s essentially a 20% late payment fee?! – For a one off bad day, that seems a rather high penalty…

No Fixed Term Contracts or Break Fees – Having happy customers is important to us. We want our Power Direct family to be with us because they believe in the service we are providing and are benefiting from wholesale rates. We don’t want to have customers just because we’ve locked them into a contract or threatened them with break fees should they leave.


Easy Switching – Switching power companies has never been simpler. All it take is a quick online application at PowerDirect.co.nz  – 5 minutes tops, and we’ll handle the rest! You don’t even need to contact your old provider because we’ve got that under control.

Mobile App – To make wholesale pricing as easy as ABC we have developed an on-hand mobile app. Here you can see the current price for power along with a 3 hour forecast – so you know exactly when to put that load of washing on.

You’ll also have access to usage graphs showing how much power you have used and what the cost was.


Exceptional Customer Service – Customer service is something that Kiwis are renowned for and we don’t think that should stop when it comes to your power account. With quick turnaround times, easy to understand communication and absolutely no overseas calls centres – customer service is one of our top priorities!

New Zealand owned and operated – Here at Power Direct we are proud to be 100% New Zealand owned and operated with our office in sunny Nelson. Being power customers just like you we are familiar with the big players in the power game and we know exactly what we need from a customer’s point of view! 

Keen to learn more about our approach? Give us a bell on 0800 463 473. Or, if you’re ready to sign up you can do that right here!

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