17 September 2018

The end of Winter Power Bills is in sight!

Saying Goodbye to the Sunday Roast and Hello to the Sunday salad, the additional heaters are switched off and the spot price forecast is looking good.

So as we hold our heat pump remotes high and prepare for the all-important ‘switch off’ why not take some time to look back on some of our favourite power savings tips – from our social media friends and family!

1. Use salt lamps with 25w globes to light the house. This also has an added health benefit.
2. Use that fantastic NZ sun and wind to dry your clothes, instead of using the dryer!

Aubrey encourages us to use thermal curtains to save the days warmth – remembering to draw them just as the sun goes down.

3. When it comes to buying heaters, do your research – we totally agree with this one, make sure you check out energy rating on all your home appliances to save you in the long run.
4. Wait until you have a full load before washing your clothes.
5. Wool socks and merino thermals!
6. Explain to your children how to save power - like switching off lights, games etc, some knowledge from an early age will pay dividends now and into the future – education is key!

Bekz recommends using your dryer over night when the power is cheaper – yes spot pricing!

7. Do all of your washing and drying at mums house. - okay a bit cheeky!
8. Turn off all power points when not in use.
9. Invest in snuggly robes and blankets.
10. Get the kids to play outside instead of on the Xbox & PlayStation.
11. Use a hot water bottle!
12. Cook on the fire – if you are lucky enough to have a flat top fire this is a great power saver!
13. Prepare meals in bulk.
14. Run a cold water wash.

One of our favourite things about being a wholesale priced company is that we are giving our customers control over their savings. Being able to run your appliances when you know the pricing is low is a huge advantage for your power savings!

Want to check out more power savings tips? Check out our earlier blog: https://www.powerdirect.co.nz/news/saving-tips/.

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