08 March 2018

Here at Power Direct we have undertaken a fairer approach when it comes to power pricing. We know that there are a growing number of New Zealanders that want more control when it comes to their savings. This attitude can be seen across the board with an influx of online shopping, price comparison websites and a general willingness to shop around for the lowest fees in all services. Up until recently the power market had been getting stale, it has been overrun by big power companies all claiming to provide the ‘cheapest’ power but they have all been built on the same model.

That’s where we come in and we're ready to shake up the power game with competitive wholesale pricing

The first thing you need to know about power pricing is that despite your power being charged at a flat rate it is actually sold to your power company (retailer) at a spot price depending on demand (this price changes every 30 minutes!). Traditional power plans are set up to cover your power company’s costs through peak use when power prices are high. But what about when power prices are really low? Well, that means a big profit for your power company and no real change for you. 

Now we just don’t think that sounds fair. Why should you be charged the same price for your fridge running in the middle of the night when spot prices are low as you are at peak times when they’re high?

With wholesale power pricing you are charged for power based on the current spot price when you use it (just like us). We do have to add in costs such as GST, EA levies, metering etc – but this is passed onto you at cost along with our small retail margin. It has been shown that overall wholesale power models are saving customers big in the long run. They are also providing customers with more ‘power’ to control their own savings. Want to see a reduction in your power bill? Run your large appliances when you know the spot price is low.


We have made it super easy for our customers to keep an eye on the spot price with up to date readings shown on your own power account dashboard. Spend a little bit of time checking in on this price and it won’t be long before you start to see trends in when the spot price is high and when it’s super low. Switch to wholesale and you’ll be a power savings expert in no time!

So that’s wholesale pricing covered, but what about the actual switch? Well, at Power Direct the switching process is taken care of by our local team based right here in Nelson. There’s no need for you to contact your previous retailer as we handle everything from our end. Simply fill in the application at www.powerdirect.co.nz. Better yet, we have no fixed term contracts, which means that in the incredibly unlikely situation that wholesale pricing doesn’t work for you, there’s no fear of being locked in – but we don’t think that will happen.

Want to learn more about the benefits of wholesale pricing? Check out our website or give us a call on 0800 463 473.

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