Buy power direct at the wholesale rate

Using smart meter technology we pin point exactly when your power is used and then charge you the wholesale price. This means we can pass on your power at cost, and you are not paying a higher fixed rate.

Savings with spot pricing

Every power company in New Zealand buys power at the 'spot price' which changes every 30min. Traditional power companies then on-sell that power at a fixed higher rate to cover fluctuations. If the price for power is low they are making an increased profit on the price their customers are paying. 

Power Direct is different, as a wholesale power company our costs change depending on the spot price. When the spot price is low it’s our customers who see the power savings.   

You can keep track of the spot price in your My Account area.

How much can I save?

If you're not sure how to estimate your potential savings, we are here to help. Simply email a copy of your latest power bill to and our team will let you know just how much you could save.


Email my power bill

Fair pricing

Fair pricing

Buy your power the same way power companies do, at the wholesale Spot Price - the fairest way to buy power.

You're in control

You're in control

Super-charge your savings by managing how and when you use power in relation to the current Spot Price.

No surprises

No surprises

We only service smart meters so we get data in real time. Not relying on estimates means you’re only charged for actual usage.

How my pricing is made up

As a wholesale provider we pass on your electricity charges at cost, along with the ‘spot price’ of power and a small retail margin. Here you can see a breakdown of how your pricing is made up. 

We will send you out a weekly invoice with a simplified breakdown of your charges.

Rates and pricing

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