Power Direct Savings Guarantee 2018 

1) Power Direct Savings Guarantee Promotion is governed by these terms from 9 August 2018 to 31 March 2019.  

2) These Savings Guarantee Promotion terms apply in conjunction with the standard Power Direct Terms and Conditions.  Where there is a conflict between the two sets of terms, these Savings Guarantee Promotion terms shall apply.   

3) The Guarantee Period will run from the date the customer switches to Power Direct until 31 March 2019 ("Guaranteed Period”).  During the Guaranteed Period, Power Direct guarantees that customers will save on their total monthly power bill when compared to a bill from their previous energy retail power provider.  

4) To be included in the Savings Guarantee Promotion, the customer must provide a power bill from their previous energy retailer for any period from June 2018 to December 2018. Residential customers simply need to sign up with Power Direct from 9 August 2018 to 31 March 2019 (including completing the switching process and passing a credit check).  Other residential customers may be included in the Savings Guarantee Promotion at the discretion of Power Direct.   

5) Customers will not be eligible to be included in the Savings Guarantee Promotion if: 

  • the customer switches away from Power Direct on or before 31 March 2019;
  • there is an issue with the customer's meter that results in Power Direct being unable to receive or review the customer's billing data; or
  • the customer has failed to pay any current invoice due to Power Direct. 

 6) In calculating the relevant savings for each Power Direct customer, Power Direct will consider a number of factors, including: 

  • the customer’s user profile (for example, whether the customer is a standard or low user both under the Power Direct plan and under the previous energy retailer’s plan);
  • whether the customer has uncontrolled or controlled power, hot water or other services;
  • any account credits applied to the customer’s Power Direct account upon sign up to Power Direct (excluding any Network Rebates); and
  • any prompt payment discount offered by the previous energy retailer. 

 7) Power Direct will not consider alternate plans, other discounts (except for prompt payment discounts), e-billing discounts, paperless discounts, dual fuel discounts or direct debit discounts that may have been offered by the customer's previous energy retailer. 

 8) The retailers that Power Direct can compare against during the Savings Guarantee Promotion are Contact, Energy Online, Flick, Genesis, Mega, Mercury, Meridian, Nova, Payless, Pulse, Tiny Mighty and Trustpower.  If a customer was with any retailer not listed, then Power Direct will compare the customer’s total bill with Power Direct against the standard comparable published plan in the customer's geographical area. 

 9) Any payments or credits will be made during the month following the Guaranteed Period.


Morning Tea Shout 

 1) To be in the draw to win, the entrant must send in a power bill for a savings comparison on or before August 31st.

2) The winner will be drawn as soon as possible after entries close.

3) The prize is a morning tea shout up to the value of $200.

4) Power Direct will foot the bill and you can choose where your morning tea is supplied from or we can make the tough decisions for you.

5) The winner does not need to be a power direct customer.

6) Only one winner will be chosen and Power Direct’s decision is final.


Free Power Promotion

1) To be in the draw to win, either 1 or 2 month’s free power (dependent on the specific competition), the entrant must be an existing Power Direct customer or successfully sign up and be switched over to Power Direct as their energy supplier. Credit Criteria must be met.

2) The winner/s will be drawn as soon as possible after entries close and Power Direct will notify the winner/s directly.

3) Entrants must meet all competition criteria and all Power Direct’s standard terms to qualify to win.

4) Credit will be applied on the winner’s Power Direct account to the value of: 

  • Four times the average weekly bill in the winner’s network/region, dependent on their specific user profile (standard or a low user), for one month’s free power prize. OR:
  • Eight times the average weekly bill in the winner’s network/region, dependent on their specific user profile (standard or a low user), for two month’s free power prize.

5) The winner/s will still receive invoices once the credit has been applied, but no charge will be made until the Prize Credit has been used in full. The prize credit could last longer than the prize period of one month or two months or it may not last this long, if the customer uses more than the average weekly usage amount in their region, for their user profile.

6) The Prize Credit is not transferrable, refundable nor redeemable for cash and if the winner leaves Power Direct before they have used all the Prize Credit, the Prize Credit will be forfeited.

7)The terms of this promotion apply in conjunction with our standard Power Direct Terms and Conditions


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